Alkaline Water

Higher PH water, beneficial for detoxification and more. Alkaline Water improves your health by leveling out your PH levels. There are great Benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline water gives your more energy, makes you age less and nourishes your body with essential minerals. Natural alkaline water is water with the presence of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The basic benefit of alkaline water is to reverse acidic conditions of the body.

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Our Alkaline Water

How Our Alkaline Water is Made

Alkaline Water Benefits


In store water services

  • Self-serve alkaline water
  • Self-serve purified water (available 24 hours at front window)
  • Self-serve bottle rinsing with high pressure jet blast stream


Alkaline water – $1.35 a gallon

Purified water – $.35 a gallon

Purified ice – $2.50 / 10lb. Bag